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This is not your typical homepage. Your Feed funnels the best links, blogs, tutorials, Q&A, and comments in real-time to your homepage. You can customize the Feed to display activity that satisfies your tastes. With the filter bar you can search by tag, post type, and respected people you follow. Build up your network by following and connecting to others and see how smart (and tasty) the Feed can be.

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Get published with no strings attached. Techpro is a community of industry professionals sharing their wisdom and experiences. With Techpro, you can easily write a post and publish it for the world to read. It is time for us to start sharing our experiences, expertise, and knowledge today to ensure better code for tomorrow.


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Most websites want to keep you captive and will only show you content hosted on their site (it's an advertising thing). We believe there are thousands of sites providing excellent content including news sites and personal blogs. Our links system centralizes all of this content onto Techpro to help you find the best of the web as fast as possible. Couple this with an active community that is "liking" and commenting on links and you can quickly understand how Techpro can surface the best content.

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The profile is customized for you as a tech professional and super rich. You will find all the basics that every profile has but you will also find several golden nuggets found nowhere else. For example, you can showcase your tutorials and blogs. You can also highlight the specific software projects you have worked on. Any endorsements you receive are highly visible and you can be sure that your endorsements are coming from techies… you are on

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Projects on are unique and powerful. Most of us have a place online to capture where we have worked but there are few places where we can list the software projects we have worked on and associate with the colleagues that we worked with. Create a project you have worked on (i.e. - software project, graphics gig, etc.), connect with your team members, endorse team mates for their roles, and get endorsed for your stellar work. Don't forget your projects are showcased on your profile as well.


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We have all heard it a million times and it is so true. People and relationships are what make our business go round. It is hard to maintain connections and contact with old colleagues. While other sites offer you the ability to connect to people you know (e.g. - FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter), none of them are industry specific. We think the tech industry is special and deserves its own networking site –

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The Best Tech Jobs

Find the job you want Jobs is a free resource for all tech professionals to explore and discover new job opportunities. We created a system that makes finding and applying to tech opportunities easy and effective. Search jobs by keyword, skill, location or employer to find the best job for you.  Search the latest job opportunities

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